6 Disney Pixar References That Went Over Our Heads As Kids

Kids are seriously so smart: Their brains are basically sponges, they can pick up languages faster than adults, and they are incredibly open-minded and inherently good. Kids are the best. And yet, when it comes to movie references, they don’t quite have what it takes to pick up on them yet (sorry, kids!). We were there once, too. This is just part of what makes Disney•Pixar movies so much fun—we can discover something new every time we watch, no matter what age. Here are some Disney•Pixar references that went over our heads as kids.

Toy Story

References to scary movies:

  1. The Shining

    The carpet at Sid’s house looks eerily like the carpet in the horror classic The Shining. The Shining is not a movie we were allowed to see as kids! But we appreciate this reference because Sid’s house was a really scary place.
  2. The Exorcist

    That scene where Woody turns his head completely around at Sid’s house? That’s a reference to The Exorcist. Scary fun!
  3. Wilhelm scream
    The Wilhelm scream is a famous “scream” sound effect frequently used in movies since the 1950s. When Buzz Lightyear gets pushed out of the window, the Wilhelm scream can be heard.

    Monsters, Inc.

  4. “Scare different”

    Blink and you might miss this one. On the back of a magazine that Mike is holding, you can briefly glimpse an ad for a computer with the caption “Scare different.” This is a reference to Apple’s iconic “Think different” campaign from the ‘90s. Our deepest regrets for not being super into advertising when we were kids, because this is a fantastic reference.

    The Incredibles

  5. Citizen Kane-style intro

    The post-title sequence to The Incredibles, which is done in the style of old news reels, is reminiscent of what many believe to be the greatest film of all time: Citizen Kane. We think this reference is super!


  6. Sputnik

    In WALL•E, WALL•E flies past a satellite in the sky, which is actually Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite to orbit the earth. Color us impressed! This reference is out of this world. What Disney•Pixar references went over your head when you first watched? Let us know in the comments!
Posted 2 years Ago
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