Disney dads: an alliteration as solid as the dads themselves. Disney dads are all special in their own ways, heroes in their own rights, and beautiful on the inside and out. Since Father’s Day is coming up, the Oh My Disney staff felt it was our duty to round up the hottest Disney dads, according to us.

Rapunzel’s dad from Tangled:

Rapunzel’s dad from Tangled is not only a royal (he’s a king!), but he’s royally attractive, too. He’s beloved by his kingdom, is utterly devoted to his wife, and can wear puffy sleeves and still look totally manly, which is truly a gift. Every time his vulnerable, blue eyes well up with tears, we can’t help but feel emotional, too. And despite witnessing his baby daughter being stolen away, he never lost hope that one day she would return. So many heartfelt moments with this King, I can’t help but love him. I mean, look at this face:

I heart you, Rapunzel’s dad! Britt Valerio

Roger from 101 Dalmatians:

Anyone who dances around their living room singing “Cruella de Vil” is a winner in our book. Roger is not only an accomplished musician, but he’s funny, sweet, an outstanding pet owner, and makes strong fashion choices. His hat, vest, and jacket combos are nerdy chic, and he’s not afraid to wear colorful socks to make a bold statement. He’s also not afraid to stand up for the people (or puppies) he loves, and doesn’t care who knows it. In short, Roger is living his best life. Us seeing Roger walk by:

Michelle Lema

James, Tiana’s dad, from The Princess and the Frog:

While James is arguably the most gorgeous Disney dad (I won’t accept any other opinions here), he’s not just attractive on the outside. He imparts values to Tiana that, to put it simply, are so inspiring! He knows the importance of hard work and teaches that to Tiana from a young age, so much so that she carries his message with her long after he is gone. He’s also an excellent cook who loves to share his meals with everyone. Sharing is caring! James, you’re wonderful. Mariana Uribe

Nick Parker, The Parent Trap

From the moment he picks up Annie (pretending to be Hallie) at the airport, it’s hard not to fall in love with this rugged, charming dad. His love of chili and cornbread only solidified my love for him. And let’s face it, he has the most beautiful house ever. Sure, what he sometimes lacks in great decision making (we all know Meredith was NOT the one), he makes up for in heart, charisma, and dashing good looks. Later in the film, Nick’s true romantic side comes through when you find out he searched forever to find the wine he and Elizabeth had at their wedding. And as my colleague Amelia documented, he brings it all home when he flies to London and tells Elizabeth they’ll figure everything out, proving TRUE. LOVE. EXISTS. Cheers to you, Nick Parker.  Nicole Mynott

Riley’s dad, Inside Out

I think Riley’s dad from Inside Out is a hot Disney dad because he’s there for Riley when she needs him most, and I think the ability to be empathetic combined with reliability is pretty attractive. I’m also partial to the fact that he’s played by Kyle MacLachlan, who I’m a fan of! Amelia Wedemeyer

Who do you think is the hottest Disney dad? Let us know in the comments!

Posted 11 months Ago
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