11 Everyday Words That Mean Something Different to Disney Fans

A word is just a word, until it becomes something even more special: a Disney word! You know the ones: the words that put a tune in your head and automatically transport you to a world more magical than your own. These are the words that your friends know not to say around you because you will burst out into song or blurt out a random Disney fact, and they just can’t handle your awesomeness.

We know the truth about these words, and it’s that they aren’t that ordinary:

  1. Frozen

    Frozen is not just a word meant to describe a phase of water when it gets really cold. Frozen is a movie, a journey, a lifestyle. Frozen is a beacon of light in our lives, and we’ll never let it go.

  2. What’s that word again? Street!

    This also applies to the words “burn,” “neat,” “aplenty,” and “reprimand.” “Part of Your World” is just that iconic.

  3. Expectorating

    Expectorating from Beauty and the Beast
    Disney fans are especially good at singing this word.

  4. Mountain

    A mountain isn’t always just a giant pile of land for you to hike up or avoid hiking up. Here are some of Disney fans’ favorite mountains: Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain. The real wonders of the world.

  5. Shining, shimmering, and splendid.

    Aladdin Jasmine A Whole New World
    Okay, so those are three words. But, when combined, those three words transport us to a magic carpet flying over Agrabah with the one we love. Not too bad for three words!

  6. Mad

    Oh, what’s that, you say? You’re mad? Time for a tea party!

  7. Enchanted

    List of things that can be enchanted: roses, castles, tiki rooms, even whole movies.

  8. No worries

    We know this isn’t one word, but it is a wonderful phrase. We all know that hakuna matata is not just a passing craze–it’s a way of life.

  9. Mysterious

    We can’t help but blurt out “as the dark side of the mooooon!” every time we hear someone describe something as mysterious. It’s a serious problem.

  10. Smolder

    Flynn Rider's Smolder GIF
    Smolder will forever be associated with Flynn Rider.

  11. Wish

    We’ve been wishing on stars since we were kids, thanks to our love of Disney. It never gets old.

What are some everyday words that mean something different to you because of Disney? Let us know in the comments!

Music and lyrics to “Part of Your World” were written by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman.

Music and lyrics to “Hakuna Matata” were written by Elton John and Tim Rice.

Posted 1 year Ago
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