7 Haikus About Hercules That Were Written by a Mere Mortal

While the Muses tell us the story of Hercules in the iconic animated movie Hercules, today, Hercules himself acts as our muse. Here are a few haikus about the mortal who became immortal and then became mortal again, just because we like haikus.

Baby on a cloud,
Please don’t eat the lightning bolt!
Hades is displeased.

Can’t control his strength
Adolescent Herc is sad.
They’ll learn soon enough.

Through training he learns
How to control his strength and
Has quite the glow-up.

Zero to Hero:
The story of Hercules
Features this great song.


All Hercules needs:
The chance to be a hero.
Just give it to him!

Hercules and Meg hug on Mount Olympus

Meg is all heart eyes
When it comes to Hercules
😍 And so are we, girl. 😍


Here’s the gospel truth:
That mortal named Hercules?
He went the distance.

Leave your own haiku (Herc-u?) in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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