Every Thought We Had While Watching Descendants 2

Descendants 2 is finally upon us, and we had a wicked good time watching it last night! Because this is Descendants, it obviously inspired a lot of reactions from us, and of course, we just had to document them all. Here are 43 thoughts we had while watching.

Warning: Depending on your definition of spoiler, there may be spoilers below. Proceed with caution!

  1. Wait … the VKs are evil again? Rude! Why are they wreaking havoc upon Auradon?
  2. Beast looks pretty good in camo, not gonna lie.
  3. Ohhh, ‘twas a dream sequence! That explains things.
  4. Ben has a lot to juggle, going to school and a council meeting in the same day?! What a life.
  5. Ok, a “reading and learning quickly” spell sounds great though. We could have used that in our school days.
  6. Looks like Mal still has a little evil inside her!  This could get complicated.
  7. “Make sure her eyes are green.” – Ben. Aww, so sweet.
  8. We are loving the fact that Evie is a full-fledged designer now! Get that castle, girl.
  9. DOES an ogre like cheese puffs? Do tell.
  10. What is with Chad Charming living in the past? Let Lonnie play!
  11.  Jane, you’re stressing us out, not letting Carlos get a word in!
  12. Any movie with an enchanted talking dog is the movie for us. Thank you, Descendants 2. Thank you.
  13. China Anne McClain is so fierce as Uma. Already can’t get enough of “What’s My Name?”
  14. “Never learned how to count cuz I’m number one.” We will never get over this.
  15. Do our ears deceive us or was that Whoopi Goldberg voicing Ursula? Yes. Yes it was.
  16. Mal is out of control with these spells. (But her hair looks amazing.) But honestly, we can’t blame her. A cooking spell sounds like just what we need (we promise we wouldn’t just use it on churros).
  17. Peanut butter and jelly is his favorite!!!!!
  18. Mal is back on the Isle of the Lost, babyyyyy! She’d better be careful.
  19. We are tempted to write a whole article just on Evie’s orange leather jacket. It matches her lipstick perfectly and is incredible.
  20. We are very excited about a potential Ben make-under scene.
  21. OMG, Dizzy definitely rose quickly to the top of our faves list.
  22. Bubblegum sharing is downright wicked.
  23. Ben’s Isle of the Lost disguise: not bad.
  24. The VKs are fantastic dancers. Jay and Carlos in particular really steal the show during “Chillin’ Like a Villain.” Also, we love this song.
  25. Sweet, sweet Gil.
  26. Awww. Mal and Evie’s friendship is so sweet. Single tear. Also, we love “Space Between.”
  27. Dopey is so intuitive. He always knows when something’s up
  28. Just got a look at Uma’s necklace which is Ursula’s seashell necklace! We want one.
  29. Oh no, so much tension. Uma is definitely going to realize this wand is fake ASAP.
  30. Yasss, Lonnie, show them how it’s done!
  31. This fight scene looks like it was really fun to choreograph and shoot.
  32. No, not the spell book!
  33. “Dude, I know you can talk, but it doesn’t always mean you should.” -Carlos to Dude the dog 😂
  34. We weren’t ready for such a sweet moment between these four VKs. Tissues were not as close as they should have been.
  35. A captain and eight men. What a loophole. Anyone else totally shipping Jay and Lonnie here?
  36. Some serious shade thrown Happy’s son’s way from Dopey’s son!
  37. Where can we get this printer for ourselves?
  38. What is Uma doing here? Something is definitely up. We did not see this coming.
  39. This is some intense spell Ben has to be under.
  40. Mal using her evil side for good = impressive.
  41. Lonnie’s cotillion pants look is goals.
  42. We very badly want to do a water dance like this one. How can we make this happen?
  43. Does this ENDING mean we are getting more Descendants?!

That was truly a ride, and we enjoyed every minute of it! Kenny Ortega is a legend. What was your favorite part of Descendants 2? Let us know in the comments!

Posted 2 years Ago
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