7 Things to Never Say to a Disney Fan

We Disney fans pretty much have our own language when it comes to living our best Disney lives. We possess an unspoken understanding that is built on the characters, movies, television shows, and Disney Parks attractions we all know and love. We also know that there are many phrases that one should never, ever say to a fellow Disney fan. Here are some of those shocking remarks:

  1. “What is a churro?”

    Churros at Disneyland
    What! You should not say this to a Disney fan unless you want to be immediately driven to the nearest Disney Park and fed churros. Wait, actually you should totally do this because that means you’ll get to have churros. It’s the perfect plan.
  2. “This is a fork.”

    Oh sweet, innocent non-Disney fan. That is not a fork. That a dinglehopper, and the literal only use for it is to comb our hair.
  3. “Touch nothing but the lamp.”

    Oh, we’re definitely going to touch everything in the Cave of Wonders if you tell us that. Actual footage of us:
    Abu from Aladdin looking at diamond
  4. “What’s a motto?”

    “NOTHING WHAT’S A MOTTO WITH YOU?” This is what you will immediately hear us shriek in response to this question, followed by a mandatory viewing of The Lion King. You’re welcome.
  5. “No, thank you. I would not like a Dole Whip.”

    Pineapple Dole Whip
    We are confused. We can’t even compute this statement. Everyone should want a Dole Whip at all times. This is another example of a good way to get a Disney fan to buy you a Dole whip at a Disney Park ASAP.
  6. “Who is Troy Bolton?”

    Only the most iconic basketball player/singer/dancer of our time! You going to want take a seat because we’re now going to have to perform every single song and dance from High School Musical 1, 2, and 3 for you, from memory. Accurate depiction of our emotions:
    Us pledging to make sure you never forget who Troy Bolton is ever again:
    Troy Bolton High School Musical 2
  7. “You have too much Disney swag.”

    There will never be too much Disney swag. Never. Ever. Ever. Accurate depiction of us running to the Disney Store right now:
    Colors of the Wind Pocahontas
    We hope any non-Disney fans found this information helpful on how to deal with your Disney fan friends. BRB going to get churro.
Posted 11 months Ago
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