See If You Agree With These Disney Character Superlatives

It’s a known fact that one of the most important sections in a school yearbook is the list of superlatives assigned to certain students by the people who know them best—their classmates. We here at Oh My Disney would like to think that we’ve spent so much time watching, researching, and evaluating Disney characters that we’re pretty much the equivalent of classmates to them, which is why we’ve decided to assign them the following superlatives:


Judy Hopps

Most likely to succeed.

Everything about our girl Judy Hopps screams “Success!” Graduated first in her class at the Zootopia Police Academy? Check. First rabbit officer of the Zootopia Police Department? Check. Solve the case of the missing mammals while also discovering a larger conspiracy against predators? Check and check—with Nick Wilde’s help, of course.



Most likely to get lost at Disneyland while simultaneously looking at a map of Disneyland.

We love Scuttle, but there is no way we’re trusting that seagull with a map.



Most likely to ask you, unprovoked, if you’ve noticed his biceps and then flexing before you can give an answer.

Well, what can we say? There’s no one quite like Gaston, that’s for sure.



Most likely to have her own reality series called When I Lived in the Palace.

With her gregarious presence, sharp wit, and vindictive personality, Ursula was made for reality TV. Can’t you imagine it? We’d follow her around as she goes about her daily activities of witchcraft, lounging around, and ranting about Triton and his daughters. It would be an instant classic, guaranteed.



Most popular/Class clown.

Let’s be real, Genie would also be elected class president and voted homecoming king.


Jackson Storm

Hottest car.

We’ll just come out and say it: Jackson Storm is a certified hottie. From the moment Jackson Storm rolled onto the screen and into the Cars universe with his sleek design, confident attitude, and most importantly, the voice of Armie Hammer, we knew our lives would never be the same, and we’re okay with that.



Most hair.

Everyone knows the popular superlative “best hair,” but there are so many Disney characters with amazing hair that we decided to go with something less subjective. We’re pretty sure no one would argue with our choice of “most hair.”


This dresser in Beauty and the Beast

Most likely to be a welcomed, yet unexpected, surprise.

See it there, holding a bat, behind the statue? Exactly.

Let us know in the comments if these are the superlatives you’d assign to Disney characters!

Posted 11 months Ago
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