The First Day of School As Told by Descendants 2 GIFs

It’s the first day of school. You’re feeling confident. You’ve got a new look. You’re chillin’ like a villain. Let’s relive the most important day of your school year with some Descendants 2 GIFs. Because the VKs get us. Let’s begin:

You wake up and get ready. You’ve literally never put more effort into your look than on the first day of school:

All done.

You look good:

You look really good.

You, leaving your house:

Bye, fam.

You walking into school like:

Get ready, world.

Everyone, when you walk by:

You are a queen.

Then, you see your BFF:

Of course, you coordinated outfits.

You’re going to rule this school year:

You are champions.

Now it’s time to walk down the hallway with your squad like you own the place:

But wait! You see your crush down the hall:

What do you do?

You crush has so much confidence:

Harry Hook-level confidence.

Everyone reacting to your crush:


Then your crush walks up to you.

What should you say?

You decide not to say anything. Instead, you laugh loudly:


Then you hide:

You played that very cool.

Your crush walks away with their squad:

What a squad.

You and your friends pretend not to notice them:


Just when you thought the drama was over, you see your frenemy:

Bye, frenemy.

Walking away with your squad like:


Bell rings! It’s time for class:

You’re ready.

You open your books and have flashbacks of studying last year:

What is this “homework” they speak of?

Then your teacher assigns homework on the first day. Your reaction:


Don’t worry, it’s lunchtime:

You own lunch.

You even brought dessert for your friends:

You’re basically already campaigning for Student Body President.

Back to class! You go to gym and own it:

Literally no one can match your skills.

Next up is history class, and you’re sitting next to your crush. You daydreaming:

Prom King and Queen is in your future, you’re sure of it.

But then someone else talks to your crush and you feel like this:

Not having it.

Then you realize—you don’t need a crush. You’re the best. You walking out of class:

You realize the first day is over!

You win at life.

Us congratulating you:

The best.

Now it’s time to hang out with your friends after school:

Don’t forget that homework.

Have a great school year everyone! And thank you, Descendants 2, for being the GIF gift that keeps on giving.

Posted 10 months Ago
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