Every Single Thought We Had Watching the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

Well, the good people at Lucasfilm have done it again, folks. The trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi just premiered (via a lot of Storm Troopers interrupting a football game), and as the kids say, we are shook. There was a lot packed into it so we’re breaking it down. So press play and then follow along with every thought that passed through our minds whilst watching:

1. Kylo looks very serious watching over this First Order construction. Also AT-AT in the corner! What are they building???
2. Also the visuals on this movie are insane.
3. What is truly special about Kylo and Snoke??? We need to know.
4. Rey. First of her name. Protector of all that is Light Side. Save us all.
5. Seriously though, Rey is the coolest and we really want a light saber.
6. Girl made the ground shake, you guys.
7. Luke noooo! We love you! It’ll be okay!
8. Kylo, no. You will not hurt General Leia. Don’t. You. Dare.
9. For the love of all things cute and precious, thank goodness for Porgs.
10. We had no idea what sound a Porg could make, but that is the perfect sound for a Porg to make.
11. We need a GIF of that Porg ASAP.
12.Space boyfriend numero uno Poe Dameron coming in with a well-timed inspirational quote.
13. Oh my goodness, the Phasma-Finn showdown tho.
14. What will happen? Who will win? We can’t have Finn hurt again. This will be a scene to remember.
15. BB-8, hold on!!
16. Very into ice foxes.
17. This isn’t going the way we thought so far and we’re excited and feeling every emotion.
18. Holy snokes.
19. Reeyyyyyyyyy!
20. What.
21. No wait. WHAT.
22. Rey and Kylo? Kylo and Rey? What does it really mean???
23. If you need us we’ll be sobbing about how perfect this is until we can see the movie.
24. Wait … are these all misdirects?

Tickets for Star Wars: The Last Jedi are available now so get ’em while they last! The film opens in theaters December 15.

Posted 3 years Ago
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