Sometimes, we all need a little bit of Olaf to cheer us on and #StayPositive. Since we can’t always have the lovable snowman with us (especially when he’s busy enjoying  summer), why not embrace some of his qualities that are worth melting for? Here are some steps you can take to be more like Olaf:

1. Hugs for everyone!

Be the positivity you want to see in the world! What better way to do this than to give hugs to anybody and everybody; small, big, short or tall—there’s no discrimination when it comes to who Olaf gives hugs to, so don’t let it stop you either!

2. Summer is Olaf’s season

“I’ll do what other frozen things do in summer …”

Proven by the absolutely catchy ‘In Summer’ song he sings during Frozen—we all know that Olaf is definitely a Summer kind of snowman. So, enjoy summer—go out in the sun, jump over puddles and sing to the sky (even if it means you’ll melt in the hot weather).

3. Be thankful for the little things in life

“This nose is perfect.”

Do you know anyone else who’d be happy about getting a carrot for a nose? Olaf knows how to appreciate the small things and so should we.

Stop and smell the flowers. Maybe you’ll surprise yourself by noticing something new or maybe get a tiny break from reality. Either way, you’ll probably feel much better!

4. Take care of others

Olaf knows how to take care others. And he does it with a smile on his face, especially when others might need just a little boost for themselves.

5. A love expert

Brush up on your love basics and learn more about the emotion. Even though his proclamation of being a love expert was self-made, it can’t be denied that he probably gave Anna the best love advice you’d ever hear from a snowman: “Some people are worth melting for!”

6. Make friends with everyone!

Even Sven, who only wanted to eat Olaf’s carrot nose, ended up becoming friends with the lovable snowman. Maybe it’s talent, maybe it’s because he’s Olaf; he manages to capture everyone’s heart and make them his friend!

In any case, being more like Olaf is sure to bring a little bit more sunshine to the people around you as well as bring out a positive change in you! Go out there and make more friends, appreciate the little things, and bring a little bit of Olaf’s spirit with you everywhere you go. If you can’t get enough of Olaf, be sure to watch “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” play before Coco in cinemas on 23 November (SG, MY) and 29 November (PH).

Posted 6 months Ago
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