An Ode to Vanessa’s Many Expressive Faces at the End of The Little Mermaid

Most of us know Vanessa as Ursula’s shady alter ego from The Little Mermaid. But did you know that Vanessa can make silly faces with the best of them? Seriously! We recently re-watched The Little Mermaid and experienced what we like to call a “perfect pause”—that moment when you pause a movie to go fetch something, and you come back and realize you paused on the most perfect freeze frame of all time. Just look:

Look. At. Her. This perfect pause inspired us to look a little more closely at some of the amazing faces that Vanessa pulls during the wedding disaster scene at the end of The Little Mermaid. And boy, were we impressed!

Vanessa would not be happy to see what lies ahead.

But, she can sneer with the best of them:

You might call her a piece of work, but we call her a work of art.

Scuttle, stop squawking at this beautiful woman!!

A master class in crossing your eyes.

Excuse us, starfish, please stop hiding Vanessa’s iconic face from us.

Werk it, Van!

We’d be this upset if our master plan was going frightfully awry at the hands (claws or fins?) of various species of birds and fish, too.

Vanessa, you’re doing amazing, sweetie.

These dolphins are so savage. Look how happy they look about what they are about to do!

She clearly wasn’t expecting this:

We’d be mad too tbh:

And finally, this is us trying to act shocked and appalled at everything that’s going on:

Oops, we can’t! Sorry, Vanessa/Ursula! Thank you for the laughs.

Posted 1 year Ago
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