We Appreciate Hercules and Here’s Why

When you think of Disney movies from the ‘90s, what films spring to mind? While you’re not wrong when you immediately think of movies like Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, and Aladdin we want to turn our focus, as well as yours, towards to another ’90s Disney classic, Hercules. So let’s take a look back on the movie that put the “GLAD” in “GLADIATOR”:

  • It gave us one of the best Disney Villains of all time.
    Hades looking annoyed in Hercules.
    Yes, this is an opinion, but how can you argue with a Disney Villain who has incredible outbursts, such as, “I’ve got 24 hours to get rid of this bozo, or the entire scheme I’ve been setting up for 18 years goes up in smoke, and YOU ARE WEARING HIS MERCHANDISE?!”Hades being angry at Panic in Hercules.Hades is that type of villain you find yourself almost rooting for because he’s funny, misunderstood (wouldn’t you feel the same way if you were stuck in the underworld?), and he perfectly walks the line between frightening and campy.
  • Hades is not just any Disney Villain, but one who also gives great advice.Hades and Meg talking in Hercules.The next time you find your friend asking for relationship advice, find this scene (around the 1:06:40 mark of the film) and play it for them:
    Hades: I can’t believe you’re getting so worked up over some guy.
    Meg: This one is different, he’s honest, and he’s sweet—
    Hades: Please.
    Meg: He would never do anything to hurt me.
    Hades: He’s a guy.
  • Meg is a total woman in charge.
    Megara not a damsel, HerculesWhile ’90s Disney movies have a bunch of admirable female characters, we’ve got to say that Meg has that special something. Maybe it’s her blunt approach (“I’m a damsel. I’m in distress. I can handle it. Have a nice day.”), her straight-up honesty, or her ability to somehow be irreverent and charming at the same time.
  • The historical references.
    Narcissus looking at himself in a mirror in Hercules.If you pay attention, there are some really great historical references to Ancient Greece and Greek mythology. This makes sense for obvious reasons, but the filmmakers do it in such a way that it’s not just a statement, but a clever nugget that really works with the script.
  • The music is spectacular.
    The muses in Hercules.As you already know, we love Alan Menken, obviously, and his Hercules soundtrack with lyricist David Zippel is one of the most diverse, singable soundtracks in Disney history. There’s a lot of genre-crossing—it can be epic (“Go the Distance”), gospel (“Zero to Hero”), or even with Motown vibes (“I Won’t Say I’m in Love”)—which can be a difficult task for a movie soundtrack. But in true Menken/Zippel fashion, the songs fit every scene and ultimately weave a musical story of their own.
  • The unique concept art.
    Three images of concept art from Hercules, including art of Hades, Hydra, and Meg.Inspired by the work of British cartoonist and illustrator Gerald Scarfe, the art of Hercules is a bold and imaginative tribute to ancient Greece. The art of Hercules feels authentic and unique. What’s your favorite thing about Hercules? Let us know in the comments.
Posted 10 months Ago
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