The Stages of Winter, As Told by Disney Characters

Winter can be a beautiful, magical time filled with snowball fights, fireplaces, hot cocoa, winter clothes, and ski trips. Though there’s nothing quite like a snowy sunset, our moods regarding the whole season often change as it gets colder. A person who starts the season excited for rain and making snowmen might find the novelty of winter wearing off as traffic delays get crazy, weather gets colder, and winter coats get lost. That gradual change is part of the normal stages of winter, as depicted here by Disney characters. Let’s follow along:

As winter approaches, you’re excited for the seasons to change:

You prep all of your warm layers as winter’s first snowfall makes its way to you:

Merryweather wears Aurora dress with Flora and Fauna in Sleeping Beauty


Yaaassss! The first snowy outing of the season!

Snow Day_Thumper Playing in Snow

You have to get a taste of that fresh, clean snow:


And take in the magic and wonder of it all:

On the second day of snow, you let the games begin:

Beauty and the Beast Snow GIF

After a week or so, you get over the cold and prefer to stay indoors and watch:


Even though the temperature is in the single digits, you still have to venture out to run errands, and stepping outside feels a little like this:

And going back indoors after a particularly freezing day makes you literally melt:

Here you are, getting ready to brave the freezing outdoors yet again:

And you inevitably catch a cold:

So you decide to spend the rest of winter sleeping the weekends away:

And dreaming of springtime:

Alice laying in the flowers

Okay … just one more snowball fight:

Frozen Fever Snowgies escaping

Posted 2 years Ago
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