Find Out How Chewbacca Made Solo: A Star Wars Story Director Ron Howard Feel At Home in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Directing Solo: A Star Wars Story is a huge responsibility. But helping shape a saga that the world so passionately loves is a task that director Ron Howard handled like a pro. That didn’t come without the support of his cast and crew, including none other than Chewbacca! Join us in a conversation with Howard to find out what it was like to direct Solo: A Star Wars Story:

You know the Solo team shot a successful scene if the cast is beaming and Chewie dishes out fist bumps. Howard recounts:

“Joonas, as Chewbacca—he gave me a fist bump and a full body hug. And you know, I mean, every filmmaker ought to have an opportunity to have a full body hug from a Wookiee. It’s quite an affirmation.”

Who can deny it? Nothing is better than a big ol’ Wookiee hug. Howard continued:

“I knew I was in the galaxy far, far away, but I felt safe.”

We’ve got a good feeling about that big action sequence Howard pulled off. We’re excited to watch the final product because Solo: A Star Wars Story is now in theaters!

Posted 8 months Ago
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