5 Reasons why Vanellope Von Schweetz should be a Disney Princess

Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet is in cinemas Boxing Day and we can’t wait to see Wreck it Ralph (John C. Reilly), and our favourite pocket rocket racer Vanellope Von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman) again. We are especially excited about Vanellope hanging with some Disney Princesses! If you haven’t seen those clips yet, then seriously, take a break from reading and watch this and also this.

Those clips got us thinking – why isn’t Vanellope an official Disney Princess? Now of course there are rules around becoming a Princess but, just like Vanellope, we don’t care about rules.


1. Vanellope is spirited

She may be tiny but she has a big personality. Feisty, funny, and ready for adventure, she has no trouble throwing shade on Ralph when they first meet, despite the fact he’s so much bigger and stronger than she is.  Vanellope is brash with brains and a sense of humour, just like another favourite Princess, Rapunzel in Disney’s Tangled.


2. Vanellope is totally heroic

Not only is she brave and fearless, Vanellope is willing to sacrifice her own safety to fly in and save Ralph from falling off the mountain of soda. Sure, she didn’t save a whole nation like Princess Mulan did, but she definitely still ticks the heroic box.


3. Vanellope has heart

As tough-talking as Vanellope is, this Candy Kingdom dweller definitely has a soft centre. There are some touching moments between her and Ralph, like when she made him a candy heart medal that said, ”you’re my hero” to replace the one he lost. So. Many. Feels. That gesture puts her up there with the kindest of Princesses, like Cinderella.


4. Vanellope is magical…kind of

Okay, so not all Princesses are magical, but there’s magic in every Princess story. Vanellope is a ‘glitch’, so she occasionally and randomly disappears for moments, but, like a true Princess, she overcomes it, learning to use it to her advantage, as Elsa does in Disney’s Frozen.


5. Vanellope is an actual Princess

Yep that’s right, Vanellope Von Shweetz is revealed to be the rightful heir to the Candy Kingdom. It doesn’t get much more Princess than that! She even sports a very fetching Princess outfit, albeit only briefly before switching back to her old ensemble and declaring she’d rather be President – which is exactly why we love her, and why she’d make the perfect Disney Princess.

See more of Princess Vanellope in Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet in cinemas on Boxing Day.

Posted 2 years Ago
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