Disney Theme Songs to Make You Miss Your Childhood

Warning: Read this only if you’re open to adding nostalgic joy to your day.

Even Stevens

Of note: The opening has claymation AND swing music.
Lyric we love: This brilliant song has no lyrics, just emotions and memories.

Pepper Ann

Of note: The meta nature of this opening. Who is that girl and why does she have her own song?
Lyric we love: “Is that the girl from gym class?” “No. That’s me.”


Of note: Kit Cloudkicker’s extreme cloud surfing.
Lyric we love: “Bear ‘n grin it, when you’re in it, you can win it, in a minute.”

Darkwing Duck

Of note: The Michael Jackson-style song.
Lyric we love: “Let’s get dangerous.”


Of note: The intensity of the sun setting on Goliath’s face.
Lyric we love: This gripping score has no lyrics, unless you count Goliath’s beastly yell. Read more about why we love Gargoyles here.

Lizzie McGuire

Of note: Lizzie and Miranda’s funky-fresh hairstyles. Gordo playing with a hacky sack.
Lyric we love: “We’ll get one step closer each and every day and figure it out on the way.”

Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers

Of note: Dale is really good at running with two injured feet.
Lyric we love: “Ch-ch-ch-chip and Dale!”

Goof Troop

Of note: Max’s incredible glasses at the 0:21 mark.
Lyric we love: “We’re the Goof Troop, and we always stick together”


Of note: This song tells us that we could solve a mystery OR rewrite history. Those are great options.
Lyric we love: “Oo-woo-oo!”


Of note: The Mad Hatter makes a surprise appearance.
Lyric we love: “Slippin’ through the new day, trippin’ on a two-way ticket down a one-way street”

For more old-school Disney goodness, see this post about being a ’90s Disney Kid.

Posted 8 years Ago
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