Once Upon an Epic Music Video

We have an admission to make: our love of fairytale characters extends far beyond their animated feature film selves. Clearly we love them when they’re in the Parks, and we love them when they’re on our clothes and inspire our nail art, and we love them when they’re in the totally entirely epic ABC show Once Upon a Time.

Probably because they know we can’t get enough of these characters (villains especially… though sometimes we’re like really Disney villains?!), our friends at ABC sent us an exclusive Evil Queen music video. Fair warning: it’s not messing around. Also, she’s super evil guys. Like, real mean. But she really owns it:

Right? RIGHT?!

You go, girl.

P.S. You guys should probably watch this show to get the full effect. You can find an all-new episode this Sunday at 8|7c on ABC. Spoiler alert: Evil Queen is just one of many many many characters that will seem familiar.

Posted 4 years Ago
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