A Lot Can Happen During a Disney Song

Sometimes all it takes to get from point A to point B is a good Disney song/montage combo. We can’t even get to the restroom and back in the space of one song, but here’s a look at how much some characters can accomplish in just a few minutes:


Belle Falls in Love
disney song belle in love

At the beginning of “Something There,” Belle admits that she thought the Beast was mean, coarse, and unrefined. By the end, she’s feeling pretty smitten. If you want to make someone fall in love with you, give them a fancy library, feed birds with them, and have this song playing in the background.


Hercules Gets Buff
disney song hercules

Any excuse for a training montage, that’s what we always say. Hercules goes from zero to hero in a few minutes flat, thanks to hard work and the advice of his hero trainer, Phil. “Rule #95, kid: concentrate!”


Simba Grows Up
Lion King Growing Gif

In just three minutes and thirty-four seconds, Simba learns to have no worries, makes two new best friends, and goes from a cub to a big ol’ lion.


Cinderella Falls in Love
disney songs cinderella

Okay, maybe it doesn’t take that long to fall in love in the first place, and that’s why this keeps happening. For argument’s sake, she and Prince Charming technically fall in love immediately BEFORE the song even begins, as it is titled “So This Is Love.” Love is speedy.


John Smith Grows to Appreciate Nature
disney song pocahontas
This one is a true testament to Pocahontas’ skills as a wordsmith. All of her metaphors and beautiful descriptions would be able to convince anyone that they need to learn to paint with all the colors of the wind. Except probably Governor Ratcliffe, but hey, he’s a villain.


Shang Turns a Questionable Army Into Fierce Warrior Men
disney songs mulan

Except Mulan. She’s a fierce warrior lady.


The Darling Children Learn How to Fly

We’ll chalk this one up to magic because if all it took to fly was happy thoughts and pixie dust, we’d be flying all over the place in no time flat.


Aurora Falls in Love
disney song sleeping beauty

Seeing a trend here?


Tarzan’s Family Gets Marooned, Builds an Amazing Tree House
disney song tarzan

There are also a lot of other plot points that happen during this song that we’ve decided to un-remember and never speak of again.


Ariel Becomes a Human
disney song little mermaid

Ursula’s signature song, “Poor Unfortunate Souls,” is a pretty catchy and convincing tune, so it’s no wonder that she got Ariel right where she wanted in about two minutes flat. Ariel was sort of just window-shopping for solutions to the fact that she was in love with a human, and Ursula had her walking by the end of the song.

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