The Big House Lyrics from Muppets Most Wanted

The musical stylings of Nadya (i.e. the highly-talented Tina Fey) cannot be underestimated. Here are the official lyrics to her sensational song The Big House:


Nadya: Hit it boys

This is Russia’s premier state funded hotel

We’re very proud of our eclectic clientele

Excellence in service since 1932

Don’t believe what you read in the online reviews


It’s the Big House

The perfect getaway

Welcome into the Big House

You’ll never get away

It’s no Hilton or no Hyatt

But you will have a riot

So please enjoy your stay


Here’s the dining room the menu is minimal

What the cook does to the food is criminal

Pull up a seat frog, grab yourself a stool

May I recommend you try our famous gruel


In the Big House

You’ll never be alone

Life ain’t bad in the Big House

No froggy, no

Check out after ten

Or eleven years

Make yourself at home


Accommodation here is far superior

Than anything else you will find in Siberia

Let me know if there’s anything you need

Everything’s free, money back guaranteed


Josh Groban: In the Big House you will not survive

When you arrive in the Big House, run for your life!

Nadya: It’s the Big House

The perfect getaway

Welcome into the Big House

You’ll never get away

For your security

I’ll keep the only key

Now please enjoy your stay


And here are some people who helped make sure The Big House was a song so good it’s stuck in our heads:

Performed by Tina Fey

With a special appearance by Josh Groban

Written by Bret McKenzie

Published by Fuzzy Muppet Songs (ASCAP)

Produced by Bret McKenzie and Mickey Petralia

Arranged by Chris Caswell

Orchestrations by Chris Caswell and Doug Walter

Vocals Recorded by Nick Wollage and John Van Nest

Josh Groban Vocals Recorded by Rich Spillberg

Band Recorded by David Bianco

Orchestra Recorded by Satoshi Mark Noguchi

Mixed by Mickey Petralia and Satoshi Mark Noguchi

Josh Groban appears courtesy of Reprise Records

Posted 8 years Ago
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