New “Cloud 9” Video and an Exclusive Interview with Luke Benward

14 Days of Music continues on with a new video from Dove Cameron and Luke Benward. Watch them perform “Cloud 9,” their song featured on Disney Channel Play It Loud, and read on for our exclusive interview with Luke.



What do you have in common with your character from Cloud 9? How are you different?
I would say we are alike in the sense that we are both athletic, we both have good relationships with our moms, and we both are dog lovers. BUT, I would say he’s a MUCH better snowboarder than me, he’s got a single mother, and he’s got a much cooler last name!


Tell us about the song you perform on the Disney Channel Play It Loud album.
It is called “Cloud 9” and it is the title track to the movie we just did. It’s a duet between me and my co-star, Dove, who is a phenomenal singer, so it was an honor to work with her of course. But it’s a super-catchy song and definitely one that’ll get ya moving and grooving.


What was your favorite Disney Channel show growing up?
I always remember loving Even Stevens—that show was so brilliant and funny and smart.


What is coming up next in your music career?
Well, not really sure right now. I’m focusing more on acting at the moment. My passion is definitely in that, at least for now.


What inspires your music?
A lot! I’m actually quite an emotional guy (haha) so in most of the stuff I do, emotion obviously will bleed through. I think that’s a good thing, I was made emotional for a reason. If I wasn’t, there’s no way I could be an actor, so I try to unleash all my emotions I’ve held in all day or week into whatever art I’m doing.


What do you have to say to your fans reading this?
Well, thank you for caring enough to even read what I have to say! Honestly still amazed and so grateful that I get to do my dream job for a living, and it is because of the fans that I am able to do it so, THANK YOU!!!


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Posted 5 years Ago
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