Interview with Lennon and Maisy Stella Plus an Exclusive Sneak Peak of Tonight’s Nashville

We first fell in love with Lennon and Maisy Stella’s beautiful harmonies on YouTube, and now we watch them every Wednesday night on ABC’s Nashville. The singing sisters sat down with us to talk about filming the show, their friendship, and the music they can’t stop listening to lately.


Do you prefer acting or singing?
Maisy: I love both, but I probably have to say acting because when you’re singing and you’re on stage, you can make the biggest mistake and it would be live! With acting, you can just go “take one, take two, cut!” But both of them just make me so happy—every time I sing, I get so happy, and every time we drive to set, I get so happy.

Lennon: I don’t know if I would really be able to choose, but i think that music has always been in it all; we’ve always done music and it’s always been the go-to, but acting is like a new fun thing to do that I’m into at the moment. So, I don’t know, it would probably be equal.


What are some of the most interesting things about shooting Nashville?
Maisy: It’s not a real house! All the rooms are in a different part of our set, and our set is just so unbelievably big and crazy.

Lennon: Getting to know the cast has been so fun, and learning from them, because this is our first acting in anything… it’s totally just a fun learning experience and such a cool thing to get to do.


What was the most fun scene you’ve filmed for the show?
Maisy: The most fun scene would probably be at The Opry. I love the performance scenes, either when I’m performing or when I get to watch performances. Those are so fun because it’s it looks so real, it looks like you’re actually at the Bridgestone, but you’re on a set! It’s just so unbelievable to me how they do that.

Lennon: We did a scene with the Air Force, it was so cool because it had tons of extras and we saws lots of the troops; it was such an interesting, inspiring, and motivational place to be shooting. It was long days and no one was getting restless because of where we were. It was a reminder to be grateful… it was very fun scene to film there.


How did you get started singing together?
Maisy: I mean, we’re sisters! We’ve always been singing together. I remember when I first sang, my sister was 11, she was doing a Christmas album, and I was waiting the whole time like, “C’mon guys, I want a turn, like seriously!” I had been listening to Lennon sing “Where Are You Christmas?” and I sang that. Afterwards, I was so deeply in love with singing and so was Lennon.

Lennon: Our parents are musicians, so we just kind of grew up around it and have been inspired by that. We also had no TV or phone, and no internet and all that stuff, so music was kind of the thing to do.


What inspires you when you’re writing or creating music?
Maisy: Something that definitely is inspiring is when I hear other people singing or playing piano. Piano is one instrument that really inspires me, I mean I do love guitar but, but it doesn’t really bring anything to me. I definitely write mostly on piano.

Lennon: I’m obsessed with quotes, like all quotes for some reason… inspirational quotes, love quotes, life quotes, all of it. I’ve always had this obsession with them, so whenever I’m really wanting to get into a creative place or a cool, positive zone, I go online and just look up life quotes and read them for a good hour.


What have you been listening to lately?
Maisy: Lennon actually introduced me to this band called Wild Cub… there’s a song called “Thunder Clatter” and it’s really awesome. I’ve been listening to Neon Trees of course, I mean, how could I not be? I love them so much, they’ve been my favorite band since I was four.

Lennon: I’ve always loved John Mayer and he’s super inspiring to me, and Ben Howard I love, and Swell Season, and Kodaline—I’m so in love with them right now.


If you could perform with any musician, who would it be?
Maisy: Neon Trees, of course! Definitely. 100%.

Lennon: Probably John Mayer, just because I feel like he has a lot of different styles in the music that he does. There’s a lot of different stuff, and I feel connected to all of it, so he would be my number one.


Tell us something we don’t know about you or your sister.
Maisy: I love to dance and I love doing tumbling and stuff like that. And something that you don’t know about Lennon? You probably do know this, but she’s an amazing sister, she’s probably the nicest person ever, and she’s a best friend to me. She’s not really a sister, she’s more of like, an angel.

Lennon: This is really random, I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for, but I have trouble with my contacts. For some reason, I cannot keep them clean, and so… that’s something weird about me. I also want to learn more about the technical side of guitar.


What do you like to do together outside of acting and singing?
Maisy: Getting our nails done! If we have a free day, we’re always like, “Let’s get our nails done!” Oh, and the mall, of course. We know the mall by heart, we could literally name every single store in that thing, every square footage of everything.

Lennon: We take a lot of pictures. I’m so into photography… I always go online just to look up cool pictures and stuff like that. We always spend a lot of time taking pictures. We also have like a little pond thing in our backyard… we’ll paddle boat on it a lot. We spend a lot of time outside, when we can.


Don’t miss Lennon and Maisy Stella on Nashville, tonight at 10|9c. Here is a sneak peek of tonight’s episode:

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