Chasing Life Music Guide: Series Premiere

Did you watch the premiere of Chasing Life on ABC Family? The new series follows April, a twenty-something whose life is finally coming together. She’s doing well at work, has an exciting new romance, and her family is closer than ever, but her world is turned upside-down when she’s suddenly diagnosed with cancer.


Here is a guide to the good tunes you heard on tonight’s show:


The Colourist – “Yes Yes”
You heard it when: April was running to make the interview with the baseball player.
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Jukebox the Ghost – “Somebody”
You heard it when: April and Dominic were talking and smiling at each other, then April went to talk about it with Beth.
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Passenger – “All the Little Lights”
You heard it when: April and Dominic walked down the street and kissed!
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Ruu Campbell – “Invisible Man”
You heard it when: April tries to talk her mom who is asleep.
(Bonus: we got a first-listen of this song earlier today!)


Andreya Triana – “Draw The Stars”
You heard it when: April was talking to her friend Beth and going to meet up with her.
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Imaginary Friend – “Real Love”
You heard it when: April was talking to her coworker about her interview. Dominic walked by and they wound up taking the elevator together.


Matthew Perryman Jones – “Land of the Living”
You heard it when: April cried as she visited her dad’s grave. As she was leaving, she saw another woman visiting who said she was visiting her dad… at the same grave!
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Posted 3 years Ago
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