Pretty Little Liars Music Guide: Life Without A

Disney Playlist is back again with your weekly Pretty Little Liars music guide! But first, a recap:


Moments after where the season four finale left off, Aria and the Liars are stunned by what A has done to Ezra. They realize that as the only person who knows A’s true identity, Ezra is in grave danger. While Aria tries to protect him at the hospital, Alison and the Liars set a trap to finally catch A, and Holbrook steps up his efforts to find the girls and alert Hastings. As news of Alison’s resurrection spreads, Mona is far from pleased.


And what songs did you hear while all this drama unfolded? We’ve got the scoop:


Jeremy & The Harlequins – “Heart And Soul”
You heard it when: Mona was having a meeting for all the people who have been wronged by Alison and telling them how things were about to go down.


Voom Voom – “All I Need”
You heard it when: Alison was found by A and all the Pretty Little Liars showed up. They thought they caught A but then a bunch of people dressed like her appeared to mess with them.
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Guardian Ghost – “Deep End”
You heard it when: Noel, CeCe, and Alison were meeting at a coffee shop. CeCe left and Alison said goodbye.


Edith Piaf – “No Regrets”
You heard it when: CeCe was in disguise at the airport trying to board a plane with Alison’s passport.
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We’ll be back with another music guide next week!

Posted 3 years Ago
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