Brad Paisley is Bringing His Country Talent to Planes: Fire & Rescue

Country phenom Brad Paisley is performing two songs for Planes: Fire & Rescue! After hearing about the film’s firefighting storyline, he signed on to perform and write the songs, including “All In,” a song he agreed to write and perform after hearing about the film’s firefighting storyline. On his family legacy of firefighting, he said:

My father’s a firefighter. He was my whole life. And my brother-in-law and several family members are firefighters. I was really honored to pay tribute to them. I sat down after seeing a rough cut of the movie and it came to me very quickly. My dad was president of the volunteer fire department, which was walking distance to our house. I spent several days of each week there with him—any time the whistle blew, he went. It was truly inspiring to watch him lead that way. It’s a strange and wonderful mentality that these people have. They get so excited about that opportunity to help. My favorite line in the song  is, “Where there’s smoke and flames, and everybody needs out, I’m all in.”


Check out a preview of the song, paired with some really cool footage from the film:


Brad is also lending his voice for a cameo appearance as a pickup truck—we can’t wait to see it! The Planes: Fire & Rescue soundtrack will be available on July 17, and you can catch the film in theaters the following day.

Posted 3 years Ago
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