Chasing Life Music Guide: Help Wanted

Are you curious about the songs you heard on tonight’s Chasing Life? We’ve got all the details you need, and a quick recap:

April is determined not to let her cancer affect her achievements at work, and a new assignment to profile gubernatorial candidate Bruce Henry leads her to a run-in with his son, Leo. April also makes a stunning discovery about her family! Meanwhile, Sara makes progress with online dating, but has a tough time parenting when she finds out that Brenna lied about her “extra-curricular” activities. And while all this was happening, you heard…


Peter Bradley Adams – “On The Other Side”
You heard it when: April chased a girl at her dad’s grave who seemed to be his daughter too.


Daniel Ahern – “End Of The Romance”
You heard it when: April went to the hospital and walked through the cancer ward.


TVC – “Get Out Tonight”
You heard it when: April and Dominic kissed in the elevator at work and Dominic insisted on having dinner together.


Javier Dunn – “Let Me Be”
You heard it when: Brenna went to pick up her phone from Kieran.
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Javier Dunn – “Here’s The Thing”
You heard it when: Dominic and April walked into his apartment.
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Andrew Belle – “Dark Matter”
You heard it when: April and Dominic ate dinner on the roof of his building and talked.
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Sacco – “Think You’re Pretty”
You heard it when: April and Brenna talked about the lousy weeks they’d been having.
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Lesands – “This Is Ours”
You heard it when: Brenna went with her friend Ford to an art opening at Keiran’s gallery/tattoo parlor.


DA & The Jones – “Break My Heart”
You heard it when: Brenna was going to leave Keiran’s party because she ran into some guys she doesn’t like.
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Lily & Madeleine – “Spirited Away”
You heard it when: Brenna told her mom she got a job at an art gallery, but it’s really a tattoo parlor.
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Sacco – “Kerosene”
You heard it when: April was at work and wouldn’t tell her coworker what she was doing. Then, Brenna talked to her mom and thought she was disappointing her.
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What is your favorite song from tonight’s Chasing Life? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 6 years Ago
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