Chasing Life Music Guide: Episode 1003

It’s time to talk about the awesome music we heard on last night’s Chasing Life! But first, a recap: As things progress with Dominic, April second-guesses the status of their relationship when she learns he has a less-than-great reputation. To help take her mind off of Dominic and to start facing the reality of her symptoms, she volunteers for an assignment at work about a supposed cancer-curing miracle juice and finds support in the juice maker, Gerald (guest star Sam Anderson). Meanwhile, Sara makes a surprise connection with one of her therapy patients and hosts a dinner for her new boyfriend, Ben, to meet the family.


Here is what you heard while all of this was going on:
Amy Stroup – “Falling”
You heard it when: April and Beth were at the Diesel cafe talking about when April should tell Dominic that she’s sick.
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New Cassettes – “Bite Your Lip”
You heard it when: April went to meet Dominic at a club.
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Sacco – “Driving”
You heard it when: April and Beth were discussing Dominic’s questionable reputation.
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Go Tell The Eskimo – “When The Lights Go Out”
You heard it when: Brenna was talking to Kieran about what her mom was doing the night before.
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Civil Twilight – “Next To Me”
You heard it when: Brenna and Kieran were talking about Brenna’s dad. She gave him a book her Dad wrote and apologized for the previous night.
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What was your favorite song from last night’s Chasing Life? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 3 years Ago
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