10 Things You Need to Know About The Vamps

If you love Radio Disney’s ‘N.B.T.’ Featured Artist The Vamps like we do, you love scouring the internet for new facts about these UK imports. We were lucky enough to get to interview them (it was awesome), and we pulled together some of the best things we found out about the band:


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They met through YouTube!
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Bradley and Tristan love fellow British rockers, Arctic Monkeys.
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They recently played a headline show in the US, their first in the world! It sold out in ten minutes.
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They’re best friends.
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James loves country music!
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James and Brad came up with the band’s name, The Vamps, while writing. They say it means, “chuckin’ a lot of ideas together.”
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The 2014 Radio Disney Music Awards was the first award ceremony the band has attended.
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They like to think of themselves as the same person, each from a different part of the UK. (Connor is from Scotland, everyone else is from different parts of England.)
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They all started playing instruments between the ages of 9 and 11. Everyone started on guitar, except for Tristan who got drums when he was 9.
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Connor had never picked up a bass before he joined the band, but they needed a bassist and he was willing to learn. What is your favorite thing about The Vamps?
Posted 2 years Ago
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