Pretty Little Liars Music Guide: March of Crimes

We’ll tell you all about the music you heard on tonight’s Pretty Little Liars, but first, let’s recap! With the help of Caleb, Hanna continued down her bad path and her friends did not want to stand by and watch her self-destruct. After her last encounter with Hanna, Aria started to take note of Zach and wondered if Hanna was telling her the truth. Meanwhile, Emily tried to link Alison to Noel and made a surprising discovery while she was at the eye doctor. And now, the music:


The Rix feat. Jessi Collins – “Beautiful Disaster”
You heard it when: Hanna’s mom offered to take Hanna and Ali to the mall to get outfits for Aria’s party. Hanna told her that she wasn’t going to the party… Aria wouldn’t care if she was there or not.


Spelles – “Bird In A Cage”
You heard it when: When Aria was texting with Ezra, she saw Hanna and got up and walked away. Spencer saw Jenna and Sydney dressed like twins and tried to get a picture, but she wasn’t quick enough.


We’re sorry to report that neither of these songs are available on iTunes, but hopefully we’ve helped you discover some new artists!

Posted 5 years Ago
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