Everything You Need to Know About Taylor Swift’s Live Stream

ABC News and Yahoo just put on their first worldwide live stream, featuring none other than country/pop superstar, Taylor Swift. She started out by telling the audiences she had three surprises:


Surprise #1: She has a new song.
The song is called “Shake It Off” and this fully pop/dance track is a huge departure for Taylor. Before she played the song, she talked about her inspiration: feeling like people can and will say whatever they want about you, whether or not it is true, and that you have two options when you respond. You can either a) you can let it get to you and make you bitter, or b) you can shake it off. Her primary goal for this song—which was produced by Max Martin and Shellback who did “We Are Never Getting Back Together” and “I Knew You Were Trouble”—was to make something unlike anything she had ever released before. She certainly delivered on that front. When she finally played the song, she danced around the audience in pretty graceful fashion, considering the seemingly 5” heels she was sporting.


Surprise #2: Her new album, 1989, is dropping October 27.
It is available for pre-order now on 1989, she declared, will be her first pop album and it’s inspired by the year she was born. She referred to 1989 as “a year of endless possibility” which she thinks has been a major theme in her life over the last two years. In fact, the last two years of her life seem to be a major reason for the creative shift in her music. She spoke about how much can change for anyone in that time frame, from what you’re passionate about, to who your friends are, and even your haircut. (In her case, that haircut would be a blunt bob.) Over the last two years, her taste in music has changed, along with what inspires her to create. She said, “I woke up every morning not wanting, but needing, to make a new style of music.”  The album cover features a polaroid shot of Taylor Swift labeled, “T.S. 1989.”

To support the release, she’ll also be giving away 1,989 prizes including tickets and meet-and-greets for a future show. She’s calling it the #1989SwiftStakes.


Surprise #3: She has already shot a video for “Shake It Off” and it’s online now.
Taylor talked about how much a person’s dancing—or more specifically, their willingness to dance—says about them. She laid out the idea through an example we’ve probably all experienced: seeing people in the corner of a party making fun of a dancing group, while the dancing people seem to be having the most fun. This thought led her and the director to their final concept of getting hundreds of professional dancers to do their thing, and essentially throwing Taylor into the mix to see what happens. The “Shake It Off” video even features a group of 100 hand-picked Taylor fans, who have kept their involvement a secret for two months! The video is now on VEVO, if you haven’t seen it already.


So tell us, what do you think of Taylor Swift’s move into a completely pop sound? Do you like her new song? We need to know.

Posted 3 years Ago
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