We’re Counting Scars This Halloween

Halloween is the one time of year where villainy is not only tolerated, but (to a certain extent) even appreciated. Here’s what we think might happen on a villainous All Hallow’s Eve if a spell happened to fall upon a seemingly normal group of 20-somethings. They’ve been watching the annual scariest villain of the year countdown, and they’re none too pleased that once again Scar has won the coveted title. An elaborate set-up (we’ll admit) to determine once and for all which villain was the most fearsome this year. Take a look:



Muahahahha! (We love Halloween if that wasn’t already clear.) We’ll both be losing sleep out of terror and because that song is SERIOUSLY catchy. What did you think? Is Scar your top pick for scariest villain? Tell us in the comments!





Posted 6 years Ago
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