Chasing Life Music Guide: Guess Who’s Coming to Donate

Chasing Life is always emotional, and tonight’s episode was no exception. The Carvers are thrilled to learn Natalie is a match for April… until Natalie has second thoughts. She finds out she is a half-match for April, but upon learning what the donation entails, she reconsiders going through with the procedure. Sara’s attempts to change Natalie’s mind only to bring up bitterness over the past. April has to re-earn her boss’s trust after screwing up her last interview and reluctantly accepts a soft news assignment to help regain the paper’s female readership.


While of all this was unfolding, here are the songs you heard:
Ecklipze “Breathe”
You heard it when: Beth and April were talking about Beth’s roommate.
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The Danks “What We’re Doing”
You heard it when: Brenna met Natalie at a tailgate party and she was very uncomfortable.


Harper Blynn “Go”
You heard it when: Graham and Beth were listening to music and were interrupted by Dominic and his date.


The TVC “Get Out Tonight”
You heard it when: Natalie shows up at Brenna’s work and invites her to a tailgate party
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Elenowen “Flying For The First Time”
You heard it when: April’s mother and uncle talk to Natalie’s mom trying to convince her to help them get Natalie to donate bone marrow
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What do you think is going to happen on next week’s Chasing Life? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 5 years Ago
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