Chasing Life Music Guide: Cancer Friends with Benefits

Break-ups are tricky for anyone, but April’s is especially complicated. While April and Leo chart new relationship waters, April and Dominic spend an incredibly awkward night covering the same event for the paper—it’s clear that the pain of their breakup is still very fresh. With Dominic’s heart on his sleeve and not knowing where she stands with Leo, will April be more confused than ever on what to do about either guy?


The Kicks “Hard To Believe”
You heard it when: April was hanging out with her half-sister Natalie, who agreed to donate her bone marrow.
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The Cold & Lovely “Teeth”
You heard it when: Dominic and April were watching The Cold & Lovely at a benefit concert they were both covering.
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Trent Dabbs and Amy Stroup “Trace Me Back”
You heard it when: Dominic asked Monica how she picks bands and she said she picks bands that help people fall in love. There was awkwardness between Dominic and April.


Cat The Himalaya “LA”
You heard it when: April realized that Natalie really is working at the bar. She wants to ask her mom if Natalie can stay with them, but Natalie says no.


Olivia Broadfield “The Way That I’m Feeling”
You heard it when: April lets= Leo know that her last assignment was with Dominic and they talked in the pool.
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Amy Stroup “Dark Runs Out”
You heard it when: Dominic met Natalie and thought she looked familiar. Natalie asks Dominic to pretend to be her boyfriend to avoid another guy.
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Heavy English “21 Flights”
You heard it when: April arrived at Leo’s new apartment. They joked about how much nicer it is then the hospital and made a date for the next evening.
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Which song from tonight’s Chasing Life is your favorite?

Posted 5 years Ago
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