Chasing Life Music Guide: The Big Leagues

On tonight’s Chasing Life, April got some welcome news from Dr. Hamburg that bodes well for both her and Leo. At work, she got wind of a possible story about baseball player Richie Miranda, but when she got a bigger scoop than she bargained for, she was faced with a tough moral choice. Meanwhile, Leo grew more and more uncomfortable living in his family’s shadow and looked to Sarah for guidance. While all of this was happening, here are the songs you heard:


The TVC “Never Settle”
You heard it when: Greer walked into Alchemy and told everyone they should all go to Nantucket for the night, in spite of the fact that she and Brenna are not supposed to see each other.


AG “Terrible Thing”
You heard it when: Greer was acting out at Alchemy and discouraged everyone from wanting to go to Nantucket with her.


Melody Cross feat. Mr. Robotic “Body Language”
You heard it when: April made up a story to get Richie Miranda to come out of the VIP room.
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Garrison Starr and AG “Where There’s Smoke”
You heard it when: Brenna and her friends woke up after having a sleepover. April woke up and was sad about her fight with Leo the night before.


Which song from tonight’s Chasing Life is your favorite?

Posted 5 years Ago
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