Chasing Life Music Guide: Model Behavior

On tonight’s Chasing Life, April is feeling the backlash from a recent, controversial article. When it becomes national news and turns into a case of ‘he said, she said,’ her job is on the line. Beth has an opportunity to impress her new boss by booking “real teen” models for an upcoming fashion show, and she recruits Brenna and Greer for the job. When Greer has an uncharacteristic outburst at the show, Brenna’s concern for her grows. Meanwhile, Sara becomes suspicious when Emma deflects questions about her recent high school reunion, and Sara is asked out on a date by an unexpected suitor.
Here is the music you heard while all this was happening:
AG “Troublemaker”
You heard it when: Greer gave Brenna an expensive purse at dinner.


Barcelona “Background”
You heard it when: April and Beth discussed Beth’s new job. She’s the second assistant to a designer and isn’t thrilled about her duties.
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Jules Larson + AG “We Were Made To Be Broken”
You heard it when: Beth asked Brenna to model some clothes for her boss.
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Amy Stroup “Back Burner”
You heard it when: April and Brenna discussed Greer at the fashion show and Brenna insisted they are just friends.
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Garrison Starr + AG “Looking Forward”
You heard it when: Brenna and April argued about Greer.


The Rix Feat. Jessie Collins “Dizzy”
You heard it when: April’s nose started bleeding at work and she told Dominic she thinks her cancer is back.


The Weakness “The Thing About Love”
You heard it when: Brenna told Greer they should be friends while she works things out.


Which song from tonight’s Chasing Life is your favorite? If you love their music, check out the Chasing Life playlist on Spotify.

Posted 5 years Ago
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