Switched at Birth Music Guide: Art Like Love is Dedication

On tonight’s Switched at Birth, Bay tries to figure out how she can pursue an art career. Regina invites Eric and his son to stay with her temporarily, and Mingo asks Daphne to hang out. Meanwhile, Kathryn offers to help Travis with his English.


While of this was happening, here is the music you heard on the show:
Olivia Broadfield “Call Love”
You heard it when: Mingo asked Daphne out.
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Seth Jones & Lia LaRue “We’re Gonna Make It”
You heard it when: The boys played basketball and Regina offered to make dinner.


The Left Hands “Love Is A Bomb”
You heard it when: Daphne and Mingo were hanging out.


Daphne Willis “Stay”
You heard it when: Daphne and Mingo had fun waiting for the doc.
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Amy Stroup “Like A Light”
You heard it when: Bay used her art to boost Tess’ self-esteem.


If you’re in the mood for more Switched at Birth music, be sure to check out their Spotify playlist.

Posted 5 years Ago
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