The Fosters Music Guide: Not That Kind of Girl

Tonight on The Fosters, Callie meets another roadblock in her pursuit of a happier future, Mariana follows up on a letter Ana wrote to relatives, and Jude faces the fallout of a bad decision. While all of this was happening, you (hopefully) heard some songs that you liked, and here are the details:


Deer Mother “Danger”
You heard it when: The dance team rehearsed.
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Jose Leon “Mira Que Bonito”
You heard it when: Mariana met her grandfather.


Matthew Perryman Jones “Groundwater”
You heard it when: Mariana told Jesus about their grandparents.
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The Hunts “Make This Leap”
You heard it when: Brandon gave Jesus a driving lesson.
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Bach “Aria da Capo”
You heard it when: Lena and Monte discussed relationships.


Arias “Te Vi”
You heard it when: Mariana returned to the bakery.


Alain Bernard Denis “A Wisp of Havana”
You heard it when: Mariana talked with her grandparents.
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Liz Foster “Catch My Fall”
You heard it when: Jude heard from Connor.
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Alih-Jey “Mucho Amor”
Scene description: Stef met up with Ana.


Need more of The Fosters music? Follow their playlist on Spotify.

Posted 5 years Ago
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