Everything You Need To Know About Bea Miller’s Debut Album

We won’t apologize for our excitement about Not An Apology, the first album from Bea Miller! The singer announced that the album will be out on July 21 and is available for pre-order now.

Bea was chosen as an “MTV Artist to Watch” and was just selected for the iTunes New Artist Spotlight. We’ve also heard that her video for the single “Fire N Gold” has been filmed and should be on it’s way soon.

The four songs off of Bea’s Young Blood EP will be on the album, and the full tracklist has been revealed. Pre-order the album today and while you’re waiting for more from Bea, you can watch her Disney Playlist Sessions performance of “Fire N Gold!”

1. Young Blood
2. Fire N Gold
3. I Dare You
4. Paper Doll
5. Perfect Picture
6. Enemy Fire
7. Force of Nature
8. This is Not an Apology
9. Dracula
10. We’re Taking Over
11. Rich Kids

Posted 7 years Ago
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