We Went Behind the Scenes of Teen Beach 2 And Here’s What Happened

“So all you guys do around here is hang, eat, and surf?” This is the question we were dying to ask when we were invited to hang out with the cast of Teen Beach 2 for a day while they were recording a spot for the Teen Beach 2 soundtrack. We couldn’t wait to find out what it’s really like to play the singing, dancing, bikers and surfers, and see what goes into making the on-screen magic happen. It turns out they do a whole lot more than hang, eat, and surf (but sometimes they do those things, too).

Every shoot begins with hair and makeup. Grace Phipps (Lela) sat patiently in her chair as a makeup artist expertly applied her makeup and a stylist curled her newly golden locks into perfect waves. “It’s been a while since we’ve all seen each other, so today is like a family reunion,” Grace said.




What I really wanted to know was how long it would take them to fashion Garrett Clayton’s (Tanner) retro coiffe. Believe it or not, he does his hair himself and it only takes him 15 minutes to style!

Meanwhile, in the other corner of the room, Ross Lynch (Brady) sat, brows furrowed as he wrote in a small notebook. “I keep a journal with me at all times,” Ross said. “That way, whenever I come up with a new idea or lyrics for a song, I can jot them down.” Between Austin & Ally, Teen Beach 2, and R5, there’s no doubt that he has a lot to keep up with. He didn’t share anything inside the notebook, but we can only imagine what he’s cooking up … new R5 lyrics, maybe?




Recent Hollywood Records signee Jordan Fisher (Seacat) is another musician in Teen Beach that we’re excited to see more of in the sequel. “Being a part of the first Teen Beach Movie was so fun and special, said Jordan. “It was amazing to reunite with my friends and go back to the beach to film the next one.” Jordan explained that the cast would travel to Puerto Rico to film for 2 months at a time, and in their free time, they jet skied, surfed, hiked through rainforests, and visited the Bioluminescent Bay. But it wasn’t all play. “We worked so hard, and had to do a lot of cardio to prepare for all of the dancing,” Jordan said.




Watching the cast hang out on set, it was obvious they’re all super tight friends. “We’re always showing each other new things we find,” Grace said, holding up her phone to show me the funny meme they were giggling over. Jordan glanced up every now and then to get in on the action, but was focused on levelling up in his game between takes.




“Being able to make music for a living is such a blessing,” Jordan said. “I’m excited to see where my music career is headed, and being able to work on Teen Beach Movie and Teen Beach 2 has helped me develop so much as an artist.” We caught Ross and Jordan talking shop when Ross called him over to watch a music video. Do you think we’ll see any collaborations between these two in the future?




Finally it was time for the shoot! Ross, Maia, Garrett, Grace, and Jordan danced around and played with all the beachy props. After the shoot was over, the director stepped in to congratulate them on a job well done, and everyone was all smiles.




We walked back to the dressing room where the day began, and were met with a sweet treat: ice cream sandwiches! Ross was kind enough to share a bite of his with our editor.




It was so cool to hang out with the whole cast and get a feel of what they’re really like (fun, amazing, nice, hilarious … we can go on). Plus, it made us even more excited to watch Teen Beach 2 when it premieres on Friday, June 26 at 8 p.m on Disney Channel. You can watch the trailer here to get pumped, grab the soundtrack plus party pack, and keep coming back for more fun quizzes, videos, and more before Teen Beach 2 comes out this summer!

Posted 5 years Ago
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