10 Things You Should Know About Sofia Carson

One of the coolest up-and-coming stars we’re following right now is Sofia Carson. The Colombian-American actress stars in Descendants as the daughter of the Evil Queen and the best friend to the daughter of Maleficent, played by Dove Cameron. In real life, Sofia is the total opposite of a villain—she’s sweet, stylish and super smart. In addition to acting, she’s also a singer, a student, and a friend to some other very talented stars. Here are ten things you should know about Sofia:

1. She is 22 years old.
2. She’s fluent in Spanish, English and French.
3. She became fast friends with Sabrina Carpenter on the set of Further Adventures in Babysitting, which is set to premiere on Disney Channel in 2016.
4. She guest starred in Austin & Ally as Chelsea, a girl who wins a date with Austin at a charity auction.
5. She attended the 2015 Radio Disney Music Awards in a super chic pantsuit. On the red carpet, she told us that originally she planned to wear a dress, but scraped her knee badly on the set of Further Adventures in Babysitting, which is why she wore pants instead!

6. She’s a singer and is signed to BMI records as a Pop and Latin artist.
7. She plays Evie, the daughter of the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, in Descendants. Evie is a total fashionista and designs her own clothes—wait until you see some of the cute stuff she wears in the movie!
8. She’s friends with Fifth Harmony and Becky G. We wouldn’t mind seeing her assemble a Taylor Swift-esque girl squad on stage.

9. She’s currently completing her undergraduate degree at the University of California Los Angeles in Broadcast Journalism with an International Relations minor. Between acting and recording, we can imagine her schedule must be really packed!
10. She fangirls over Ross Lynch just as much as we do.


Posted 5 years Ago
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