7 Magical Frozen FANdemonium Moments, Including Performances From Josh Gad and Kristen Bell

For the first time in forever, the cast and crew of Frozen were together in one room at D23 EXPO to celebrate the magic behind the music of the movie. Josh Gad and Kristen Bell joined Oscar-winning songwriting team Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez on stage for Frozen FANdemonium, hosted by Chris Montan, president of Walt Disney Music. Fans had the chance to hear previously unheard songs, demos, and stories that make the movie even more meaningful (if that’s even possible). Here are seven of the coolest things that went down in Hall D23 this afternoon:


1. Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Bobby Lopez sang the cutest rendition of “Love Is An Open Door”.
Before singing “Love Is An Open Door” and affirming their title as “Cutest Songwriting Couple Ever,” Kristen and Bobby explained that the song they originally penned for Anna and Hans was titled “You’re You”. In the original track demo, we heard Hans sing about Anna’s good qualities, but he rudely interrupted her several times—it was too obvious that he was up to no good. Kristen added “Anyone who would interrupt Kristen Bell’s singing is a creep.”


2. The duo then sang a special birthday tribute to audience members.
Kristen and Bobby performed “Making Today A Perfect Day” from Frozen Fever live. They asked audience members who were celebrating their birthdays soon to stand up during the song. We can’t think of a better birthday wish!


3. Frozen FANdemonium was a family affair: Their daughter Annie joined them for “Fixer Upper”.
Kristen and Bobby’s daughter Annie had two lines in “Fixer Upper,” and she nailed them. (She also happened to be adorable).


4. Kristen Bell showed up and, as usual, was the best.
Kristen came out on stage, surprising most of the audience—she had mentioned she would be making a D23 appearance on Twitter yesterday, so some fans were in on the secret. The original cast performed “Do You Want To Build A Snowman,” including Katie Lopez and Agatha Lee Monn as younger versions of Anna.


5. Kristen performed one of Anna’s deleted songs, called “More Than Just The Spare”.
There’s a song for Anna that didn’t make it into Frozen, and we heard it live for the first time today. The song “More Than Just The Spare” is an introspective song about the differences between Anna and her sister, and expresses her determination to go her own way and make her mark no matter what. Afterwards, Kristen performed “For The First Time In Forever” and it nearly brought us to tears.


6. All of our hopes and dreams came true when Josh Gad came on stage.
Josh Gad made an appearance, and was as funny and charming as ever. He joined hands with Olaf to perform the cheeriest rendition of “In Summer” we’ve ever heard, and will probably ever hear. Our love for him knows no bounds.


7. Frozen fractals spiraled all around as the cast, crew, and audience sang “Let It Go”.
Chris Buck, John Lasseter, Jennifer Lee, and Peter Del Vecho joined the rest of the cast and invited us all to sing the ultimate performance of “Let It Go”. As Hall D23 echoed with the lyrics of the famed song, snowflakes fluttered down and the cast and crew hugged onstage. It was pure magic.


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Posted 5 years Ago
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