Watch Sam Tsui Play Disney Quote Jukebox

Aside from the brilliant story and gorgeous animation, one of the things that always sticks with us after watching a Disney movie is the music. So, when artists do their own renditions of the classic tracks, we rejoice. That’s exactly what happened when the Everybody Loves Disney album—which features talented YouTube artists putting a new spin on songs from movies like Pocahontas, Hercules, and more—released a few days ago! To celebrate, we caught up with artist Sam Tsui (who is featured on the album) and played a fun Disney improv game. Enjoy!

In the video above, the YouTube star made musical magic by taking quotes from some of your favorite Disney movies, and singing it in the style of a genre he pulled out of a hat. So if you’ve ever wanted to hear that famous The Lion King quote as an opera song, our buddy Sam Tsui has got you covered.

Everybody Loves Disney is available on iTunes and streaming now!

Posted 4 years Ago
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