9 Disney Songs Gymnasts Should Use for Floor Routines

Ah, the floor exercise. Arguably the most watchable of the four women’s gymnastic events and the six men’s gymnastic events, the floor routine never fails to entrance all who watch it. The only major qualm regarding the floor routine is the restriction on song lyrics, which states that gymnasts cannot perform their routines to music with lyrics. That’s why we’ve gathered 9 of the best non-lyrical Disney and Disney•Pixar songs to perform a floor exercise to:

1. “He’s a Pirate” – Pirates of the Caribbean

11 Things You Didn't Know About Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl - Soot #2

Let’s start with one of the most obvious musical choices for the floor exercise—“He’s a Pirate,” aka, the fast-paced theme song of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Everyone’s favorite part, the staccato “bum bum, bum-da-bum-bum-bum,” is absolutely perfect for fast-paced tumbling executions.

2. “Try Everything” – Zootopia

Chief Bogo and Gazelle in Zootopia

Fun fact: American golden girl Gabby Douglas recently began a floor routine that sampled the non-lyrical beginning of Zootopia’s “Try Everything” by Shakira. It’s got an upbeat tempo that’s perfect for getting the crowd hyped.

3. “I’ll Never See Him Again” – Pocahontas


Just listening to this Alan Menken instrumental piece makes us begin to well up, so it would be perfectly paired with an artistic break between all the tumbling. If the judges don’t feel emotionally compelled to give a high artistic score, they clearly don’t have hearts.

4. “This Land” – The Lion King


Remember the scene where Simba talks to Mufasa in the sky? Well, the epic music playing in the background as Mufasa says, “REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE,” is “This Land” by Hans Zimmer. Imagine your gymnastic faves staring down the padded mat, running, and then tumbling for their lives to this masterpiece.

5. “Mulan’s Decision” – Mulan


This synth-y, exhilarating number is brimming with determination, pride, and most of all, girl power. We could totally see one of the Final Five completing a variety of gymnastics feats to this song.

6. “The Glory Days” –  The Incredibles

Frozone and the Incredibles

This jazzy, big band number is reminiscent of many a past floor exercise song. Slightly espionage-esque, we think “The Glory Days” would fit with any layout, full twist, back handspring, side flip, etc.

7. “Transformation” – Beauty and the Beast

Beast transforms back into Adam

Remember when Beast transforms into his old self? The song is powerful, yet enchanting, which we believe is the perfect way to describe how the outside world (i.e., us) sees gymnasts.

8. “Strangers Like Me” (Instrumental) – Tarzan

Tarzan and Jane Palm to Palm

As we’ve expressed before, this Phil Collins soundtrack is brimming with incredible song after incredible song. The instrumental version of “Strangers Like Me” is guaranteed to have the crowd pulsating along.

9. “Married Life” – UP

Carl and Ellie read

Another emotional song, “Married Life” by Michael Giacchino, has its bouncy moments as well as its prolonged notes.

Are there any Disney soundtracks you’d like to see gymnasts perform their floor routines to? Let us know in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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