The 8 Stages of Listening to “Evermore” As Told by Disney GIFs

If you’ve had the chance to listen to the new Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, you’ve probably sampled the new songs, “Days in the Sun,” “How Does a Moment Last Forever,” and “Evermore.” While all three are incredible, we need to talk about one in particular—the Dan Stevens version of “Evermore.” That’s why we’ve broken down the 8 stages of listening to it, so proceed accordingly:

1. Excitement.

You’re excited because it’s new music for one of your favorite Disney stories, and not only that, it was written by the powerhouse duo of Alan Menken and Tim Rice, so of course you have high hopes. Plus, Beast didn’t have a devoted song in the 1991 animated classic (besides a solo in “Something There”), so it’s very exciting to see more of Beast’s story in the form of a song.


2. Intrigue.

It’s about a minute in and you think, “Wow, the beautiful orchestra! Dan Stevens is an amazing singer as Beast!” All you can do is marvel at how beautiful the song is, but little do you know, it’s about to get even better.


3. Emotional anguish.

The music swells as Beast sings the bridge, and you’re overcome with a feeling of wistfulness, which quickly turns to heartbreak as you reflect on the poignant lyrics.


“Now I know she’ll never leave me, even as she fades from view.”


“Wasting in my lonely tower, waiting by an open door.”


“I’ll fool myself she’ll walk right in, and as the long, long nights begin, I’ll think of all that might have been, waiting here for evermore.”


4. Realization.

The moment the brilliance of “Evermore” hits you:

This happens after you’ve listened to the song fully. Simply put, you come to the conclusion that “Evermore” is everything you hoped it would be and more. That being said, you also realize how fragile your emotions are at the moment, due to this song.




5. Repetition.

You listen to the song on repeat. Maybe you made a playlist that’s just “Evermore” over and over again. Or perhaps you bookmark the song’s YouTube page, and you keep hitting replay.


6. Passion.

You have very strong opinions and feelings for this song. In fact, it might just be the most stable relationship in your life at the moment.


7. Obsession.

Your passion for this song has turned into obsession.
You search for reasons to bring up “Evermore.”


Friend: Can you maybe play another song, please?



You even learn how to play it on the recorder.


8. Acceptance.

You’ve accepted your fate—you love “Evermore.” Why? Because Dan Stevens as Beast is amazing, Alan Menken and Tim Rice are geniuses, and this song is Oscar-worthy—the list goes on.


Have you been emotionally wrecked by Dan Stevens’ version of “Evermore”? Let us know in the comments.
You can download “Evermore” by Alan Menken and Tim Rice here.

Posted 3 years Ago
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