Practical Poppins Perspectives: To-Do Lists

Confession: we live our lives by the wit and wisdom of one Ms. Poppins. We’ll continue to bring you her thoughts as they relate to our everyday dealings in the universe, but today we’re all about the dreaded to-do list. What does our beloved Mary have to say about productivity? We’re so glad you asked (especially since our graphic kind of gave it away).

According to the lady with the magic bag, the simple act of starting a task is half the battle. To Do Lists, while they make our heads spin when they’re too long, are super totally helpful for organizing your thoughts. And there’s the entirely satisfying part wherein you get to cross things off.

We’ll be back soon with another piece of Practical Poppins Perspectives. For now, we’re going to cross “write about Mary” off our seemingly endless list.

Posted 7 years Ago
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