Super Great Finds in the Oz the Great and Powerful Google Chrome Experiment

Last week, Google launched a new web experience for Chrome: Find Your Way to Oz. It’s an interactive explosion of awesomeness based on the new movie Oz The Great and Powerful (in theaters March 8). We could spend the rest of this article telling you why we think you should drop what you’re doing and get in on the magic. Instead, we’ll tell you all about the hidden features we found while we dropped what we were doing to get in on the magic. Sound good? Good. Here we go…


1. The trees literally sway.

Oz Google Chrome Trees


2. Any time you see a little tiny white circle (in some areas it might look like an arrow), press it. Sparkles might appear.

And by might, we mean will.


3. New characters from the movie may also appear.

Oz Google Chrome Photo Booth


4. You can make your own life soundtrack.

Oz Google Chrome Playlist
Step aside, Alan Menken.


5. The dude in the below photo is on a backdrop. Click it.

If you do as we say, you’ll notice that the background changes into something magical (and Great and Powerful).


6. You get to navigate a hot air balloon to Oz. If you make it, a surprise awaits. If you don’t, a tornado swallows you up and you get to see. inside. a. tornado.

Oz Google Chrome Hot Air Balloon

Either way, it’s epic.


7. Make sure you do make it to Oz. We can’t tell you what awaits, but it’s worth the balloon ride.

Oz Google Chrome Hot Air Balloon 2
Trust us.

Posted 7 years Ago
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