Kronk, the evil henchman with a heart of gold, kind of steals the show that is The Emperor’s New Groove. Here are some reasons why we think Kronk is the actual best.


He Can Cook!
…And more than just potion-laced entrees that turn Kuzco into a llama. Always full of surprises, Kronk shows off his knowledge of diner lingo, and charms us when he completely forgets Yzma’s scheme and exclaims “my spinach puffs!”
Kronk and Yzma Cooking Kronk Cooking in The Emperior's New Groove


Squeaker Squeakin
It might seem like a trivial “skill,” but Kronk’s squirrel whispering not only helps advance Yzma’s plan, it’s also just hilarious. We particularly like his squirrel translations at the end of the movie: “did you take the acorn?” (squeaker squeak squeak squeakin’) and “you owe me a new acorn” (squeak squeak squeak, squeak squeaker squeakin’).
Kronk Talking to Squirrel in The Emperor's New Groove


He Provides His Own Background Music
Like any henchman on duty, Kronk provides his own theme song as he goes. Enough said.
Kronk Doing His Own Background Music in The Emperor's New Groove


::SPOILER ALERT:: He Has a Change of Heart
The reason we really love Kronk (aside from his cooking and squeaking) is that he’s actually more of a good guy than a bad guy. It takes him a little while to learn to listen to the good shoulder angel, but we knew he had it in him all along.
Kronk in The Emperor's New Groove

Posted 8 years Ago
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