Walt’s Better Half (And We Don’t Mean Mickey)

We always knew that having a great partner was helpful in life. (Two heads are better than one and all that.) Since it’s the week of Valentine’s Day, there seemed no better time to discuss the importance of one’s love in one’s life. If you’re not sold, read these little known facts about Walt Disney’s better half, Lillian. Seriously.

1. The oldest object at Disneyland was a gift to her.
During their marriage, Walt gave Lillian a petrified tree for her birthday. It’s still on display. Take that, history.


2. She used to work in the Ink and Paint Department at Disney.
This needs no further explanation, except to say that Roy O. Disney’s wife also worked there. We know, right?!


3. She inspired the pivotal opening scene in Lady and the Tramp.
The gift of a puppy in a hatbox was based on a true story, when Walt gave a puppy to his wife Lillian. Say it with us, “awwwww.”


4. She has a train car named after her at Disneyland.
It’s called the Lilly Belle and it runs on the Disneyland Railroad. Must make mental note to wave next time we’re at Disneyland.


5. She named Mickey Mouse.
Walt Disney originally wanted to name his iconic character Mortimer. Lillian, however, convinced him that Mickey Mouse had a much better ring to it. Now that’s a brilliant suggestion. We hope he bought her something nice as a thank you.

Posted 7 years Ago
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