There’s a time and place for the obvious hero, but sometimes it’s nice when the little guy gets the big win. Underdogs have a special place in our hearts because there’s secretly one in every person, and below are a few of our absolute favorites.


Timothy Q. Mouse and Dumbo

Talk about having the odds stacked against you. Dumbo started at a disadvantage and met some pretty mean animals along the way. Fortunately for this undeniably adorable pachyderm, a little change of perspective from a mouse named Timothy Q (and a magic feather) proved to be all Dumbo needed to soar.



Sure he was a tad clumsy, and could have used a lesson in how to wield his tremendous strength (see: many many destroyed monuments). Confidence is hard when you don’t feel like you belong, but it turned out that a few training sessions from Phil—and a little Megara motivation—was just the ticket to take this god from Zero to Hero!


Flik from A Bug's Life
This beloved ant starts out as a hopeful inventor, a constant dreamer, and a misunderstood member of the ants. He may begin the story as one of millions, but he certainly found his way. With a little creativity and a band of misfit bugs, he manages to save the day in a big (little) way.



Penny from The Rescuers
She starts the story going from orphanage to helping Medusa find a giant diamond. Ever the optimist, though, she never gives up hope… even when her S.O.S. only gets the attention of two little mice. Bonus points to Penny for reminding us all that stuffed animals are friends, too.

Posted 7 years Ago
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