10 Disney-Inspired Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Can’t think of something to do on Valentine’s Day? Fear not. We have ideas. Allow us to present them to you in GIF form … because they’re just more fun that way.


This Valentine’s Day, you could:

1. Stargaze.

Aladdin and Jasmine I Can Show You the World GIF
Bonus points if you can achieve this from a magic carpet.


2. Try out a new restaurant.

Snuggly Duckling Rapunzel Tangled GIF
Don’t fear the other patrons. They might be nicer than you think!


3. Serenade your love.

Jack and Sally The Nightmare Before Christmas
It’ll show them that you’re simply meant to be.


4. Put your ballroom dancing skills to the test.

Aurora and Price Phillip Sleeping Beauty GIF
Note: For maximum romance, dance in the clouds.


5. Go for a boat ride.

Kiss the Girl Little Mermaid GIF
Who knows, you might meet some friendly fish who can really 2.0 your romantic night with synchronicity.


6. Fly somewhere exotic.

Peter Pan You Can Fly GIF
We know your destination likely won’t be the moon and stars, but the double meaning of fly was too much to ignore. Plus, Peter Pan and Wendy? Adorable alert.


7. Take a sunset walk with a friend.

Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh GIF
Not all Valentine’s Day plans need to involve a significant other. And who doesn’t love a good stroll? Or a sunset?


8. Frolic.

Can You Feel the Love Tonight The Lion King GIF
Can you feel the love tonight?


9. Get twitterpated.

Twitterpated Bambi GIF
This one might just occur by happenstance, but it’s just like the owl said: it could happen to ANYBODY.


10. Play in the snow.

Beauty and the Beast Snow GIF
Or just play.


We hope we’ve helped. If none of these sound good, you could always curl up and watch a Disney movie. That or recreate the spaghetti kiss dinner from Lady and the Tramp. Or, if you’re single, you could take a cue from Rapunzel.

Posted 6 years Ago
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