Disney Store: Not Just For Kids

Just when we’d resigned ourselves to a-dull-thood, we found these toys. JOY!

The Muppets Beaker Knit Hat
Do you like keeping your head warm, but hate being boring? Do you want your friends to say, “Hey look, there’s Beaker! Oh no wait … that’s [insert your name here]”? Meep.

beaker knit hat disney store

Jack Skellington Headband with Bow
The perfect headband for ghouls who just want to have fun.

jack skellington headband with bow disney store

3 Peas in a Pod Plush
These should be called, “emergency happiness peas.” You can’t be angry or upset when you look at them; it’s impossible. We suggest keeping them in your desk.

3 peas-in-a-pod plush disney store

Slinky Dog Talking Figure
This is desk flair for grown-up Toy Story fans who definitely are never going to play with it or press the button twenty times to hear everything Slink says.

slinky dog talking figure disney store

Bucket O’ Soldiers Toy Story Set
This may seem like a toy for kids, but it can also be used to impress your friends with your encyclopedic knowledge of important historical battles.

bucket o' soldiers toy set disney store

Aladdin Stamp Set
For wedding invitations, save the dates, birthday party invites, etc. Also, the stamp pad has TWO colors.

aladdin stamp set disney store

Sugar Rush Eraser Set
Show us someone who can resist a tiramisu-scented Crumbellina eraser and we’ll show you … someone who hasn’t seen Wreck-It Ralph yet.

sugar rush eraser set disney store

Plush Ears Minnie Mouse Hairclips
Get the look of mouse ears without having to wear an entire hat. This is what a win looks like.

plush ears minnie mouse hairclips disney store

Minnie Mouse Earrings
Ever want to wear something Disney-inspired, but the occasion is too fancy? Problem solved.

minnie mouse earrings by arribas disney store

Tinker Bell Lip Gloss Set
Pro tip: buy this pack for your little sister and keep one for yourself. Win-win.

tinker bell lip gloss disney store

Jasmine Ring
Jasmine’s not a prize to be won, but this ring is.

raja ring disney store


Posted 5 years Ago
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